Thank You...

This is an old post from my facebook wall but thought it might get your Tuesday to start off right.  Just say thank really is that easy.

Today, as I was on my early morning commute to work, I was driving in the section that I always dread. It's where the traffic gets insanely thick and people are constantly cutting one another off, getting into turn lanes just to skip practically everyone who is on the slower side, to only then almost cause an accident by swerving to get into the correct side after bypassing all others. Then there are cars on cross streets where these people don't have traffic lights and are frantically trying to pull in when there's not even a second of space. Those in the other lanes won't allow these on the side to pull in for fear of wasting more of their time or precious space.

And today, at 7:30 AM, I was on the main line of traffic, whilst I could tell that another person was trying to get across traffic to our side. Though I had the gre…

Try to Have a Good Night...

Some days you teach two three hour classes back to back and for some reason, agree to a three hour birthday party after that. Even after a successful birthday party and a happy birthday girl, you have a sore throat and we’re not rewarded with a tip from the family. Begrudgingly you take a whole pizza from the party that was left unwanted and split it with your also exhausted co teacher. You walk the half mile back to your car (because that’s where you have to park so you don’t have to move your car constantly or pay), all things weighing on your back and in your arms. You finally reach your car and plop down full weight with a sigh, thankful to finally be sitting. (And vow here and now to never stand again!)

You start to drive home and then you see her. You’ve seen her before-standing on the corner of the funeral home on Beverly Blvd, holding a sign you can never read quickly enough because you’re driving by. You’ve thought about it before. “Maybe I should stop and offer her whatever I…

Opposites DO Attract

A conversation last night, whilst laying in bed in the dark:

Me:  ...what are you thinking about?

Hubs:  Oh, going to law school.  Changing my entire career and what it would take.

Hubs:  ....what about you?

Me:  Well...if I could wear my strappy black sports bra with my blank tank top and if it would look cute or weird.

Hubs:  This just summed up our relationship and the differences on how we look at life. 


Oooooo Child, Things Are Gonna Get Easier....

So, last night I had a meltdown.  Yes, as you have read, I've had a few of those here and there since we moved to LA.  Not because I don't want to be here or that I don't like it--actually, I am loving A LOT of things about LA.  I love that I have a hallway in my apartment.  Oh, and I love my apartment.  I LOVEEEEE (did I say love?) the weather.  I love that I can choose to bike, hike, bus, or car my way to my destinations.  I love that my career in theatre/arts/whatever mish mush of work I put together isn't my everything and all (though that's been probably one of the biggest adjustments).  I love that people are so much nicer here.  I love at the Starbucks guy or girl always asks me if I want the full 4 pumps of flavoring in my coffee because it can be a little too sweet and I always say, "Thank you" and take 2 instead.  I love that people think I'm 20 years old.  And I love that in a whole, LA and California has been much less stressful EVEN WITH …

Toto, I Don't Think We're in NYC Anymore...

So a good friend of mine and I were texting back and forth, when he asked me today...Did you miss LA?

I've been here for two days and last night I cried to my husband because I was extremely overwhelmed and confused about everything going on (and not going on) and didn't know what else to do.

Soooo....did I miss LA?  I don't even know LA!

I'm a very social and extroverted person.  I need interaction with people and friends to keep me motivated and feeling fresh.  I also need dance or exercise to keep me happy.  The past two days, I got thrown back into the city after coming from a GREAT contract where I had motivation and a driving force everyday--performing and choreographing.  I was surrounded by friends, exercising was part of my day, and I had a very solid routine.  The only problem there was that I was away from Matt for three months and the longing for him got to me more than I was prepared for.  Here, I've been basically isolated for two days while Matt went…


AHHHHH!  So much pumpkin and fun things to bake and not enough time!

Not to mention, not enough supplies in this dang cast housing.  Don't get me wrong, it's some of the best cast housing I've ever experienced but not anything for a baker.  And I flew here so I had to be frugal with what I did bring.

Sigh.  Don't worry though, I'm gonna bake up and storm and it's gonna be great! :)

A Little Sunday Poetry

Some poetry on a Sunday afternoon...

Her Hair Ravens gestures spanned far and wide  As she smiled and laughed Looking up at the ceiling with that far away look. The look that comes when thinking of an old friend Or a beloved dog Or some young ill advised escapade.   She talked about her hair And the phases it went through And in turn, shared her life.  Ravens hair was still a deep espresso-black and a statement.   Yet, she, like most of us, couldn't help but express  The power The love  Of her hair.   Funny how we put so much importance on a thing undoubtedly so small.  A power and love that men will never really understand.  
Then again, maybe we don't either.